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Posted on Wednesday, October 31, 2012
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Azerbaycan Diller Universiteti is the unique University in Azerbaijan preparing specialists in foreign languages, various regions and international relations. The University offers undergraduate and graduate programs promoting advanced study and research, new educational policy and integration in worldwide academic and educational standards. Azerbaycan Diller Universiteti of Languages is a composition of multiple independent schools united by the same academic policy and principles, which offer a really wide scope of diverse majors. It is the first university in the country where European and some Eastern modern languages are offered as majors. Many of the professors and teachers of the University are recognized leaders in their professional fields and were awarded diverse national and international prizes and grants. Today the University is in the forefront of the educational reforms carried out in the country.

The training of foreign Language specialists in the Republic of Azerbaijan began in 1937 with the opening of the School of Foreign Languages affiliated to the Azerbaijan Pedagogical Institute (Teacher Training Institute) in accordance with the decree of the People’s Commissariat* of Education of Azerbaijan. The School had only one Department – Department of Foreign Languages. Beginning with 1939 the Department of English, Department of German, and Department of French began to function.   In the light of increasing demand for foreign language specialists, People’s Commissariat of Azerbaijan adopted a resolution to set up an independent Institute of Foreign Languages in 1940. In the academic year 1941-1942 about 150 students were admitted to the Institute. However, as a result of the Great Patriotic War, which broke out in 1941, the institute could not continue its activities and again became a School of Foreign Languages in the Azerbaijan Pedagogical Institute.

During the post-war years, interest towards the learning of foreign languages increased. In December 10, 1947 the Council of Ministers of the Azerbaijan SSR adopted a resolution “On the Training of Teachers of Foreign Languages”. In compliance with this resolution, in 1948 the Azerbaijan Institute of Foreign Languages was founded to train specialists of foreign languages in English, German, and French, and this institute functioned until 1959. In the first year there were three schools and eight departments at the Institute, but later the number of departments increased to twelve.

Azerbaycan Diller Universiteti is dedicated to the advancement of learning and the search for truth; to the sharing of knowledge through education with diverse communities; and to the implementation of this knowledge for the benefit of the people in our country and throughout the world.

Courses Offered

  • Undergraduate Programs
  • Graduate Programs

Azerbaycan Diller Universiteti


  • English School
  • School of Translation
  • School of Regional Studies and International Relations
  • School of Philology
  • School of the German Language
  • School of the French Language
  • School of Additional Education

Azerbaycan Diller Universiteti

Contact Details
Azerbaycan Diller Universiteti
60, R.Bahbudov str.
AZ0055 Absheron Rayon
Phone: +994 (12) 440 3505
Fax: +994 (12) 441 5863
Azerbaycan Diller Universiteti Official Website:

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