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Posted on Monday, November 5, 2012
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Azerbaycan Dövlet Deniz Akademiyasi in Azerbaijan originates since November, 1881. In documentary materials of the central Government historical archives of the Azerbaijan Republic there is a report of the Head Department of the Caucasus Region about the opening of the Marine class in Baku on the 21st (8) of November, 1881. The basic quota of the Baku Marine classes consists of the adult seamen – probationers. The academic year lasted from November 1 till April 1 (period of closing of navigation to Astrakhan , when the basic steam fleet and part of sailing fleet stood on wintering in the Baku port). Every year 25-30 navigators, 15-18 skippers graduated from Marine Classes.

In 1896 at marine classes the courses of the steam ship mechanics (subsequently – school of marine engineers ) were open. Many of seamen-probationers have received marine education in marine classes. The Baku marine classes since July 1, 1902 were reformed into the Baku school of seagoing navigation of the 3 year education. Simultaneously at a school the preparatory marine school was organized.

Since October 1, 1921 at the Azerbaycan Dövlet Deniz Akademiyasi of water transport the evening classes were organized and the workers’ technical school of water transport being discontinued was opened. According to the order of the Central Department of Marine Transport of People’s Committee of Communication since October 1, 1924 the Baku technical school, the Azerbaijan sector was opened for the first time.

In March, 1930 the government has accepted the decision on reorganization of all industrial technical schools by a branch principle and since September 1, 1930 the Baku Technical School of Waterways Communication was reorganized in Baku Marine Technical School, and in March, 1994 in the Baku Marine College.

On the basis of the Baku Marine College by the task of Great Leader Haydar Aliyev, by the decision of Cabinet of Ministers of the Azerbaycan Dövlet Deniz Akademiyasi Republic № 91, dated July 15,1996 the Azerbaijan State Marine Academy (ASMA) was created.

Courses Offered
Graduate Programs

  • Business
  • MBA

Azerbaycan Dövlet Deniz Akademiyasi


  • Marine Automation and Radio-Electronics
  • Navigation
  • Shipbuilding and Shiprepairing
  • Marine electrical equipment
  • Marine Energy Plants
  • Economy of sea transport
  • Marine Geography and Hydrotechnical Facilities
  • Exact Sciences
  • Applied mechanics
  • Humanitarian sciences
  • Languages
  • Physical-Exercises and Sports

Azerbaycan Dövlet Deniz Akademiyasi

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Azerbaycan Dövlet Deniz Akademiyasi
18, Zarifa Alieva str.
AZ1000 Absheron Rayon
Tel: +994 (12) 499 412
Fax: +994 (12) 493 75 21
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azerbaycan dovlet deniz akademiyasi,azebaycan dovlet deniz akademiyasi
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