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Posted on Thursday, June 16, 2011
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Bamenda University of Science and Technology (BUST) is a brain child of The Industrial and Educational Development Company Ltd (INDECO) incorporated on the 12th October 1995 with Headquarters in Bamenda, North West Province, Cameroon. (Certificate of Incorporation Nº 000037). The university went operational in January 1998. At the request of government, BUST participated and contributed extensively to the drafting of the Law on Private Higher Education in Cameroon.

The mission of the University is to contribute in addressing the educational needs of thousands of youths yearning for quality university education emphasizing on professionalism, creativity, research for development by: Seeking and using available and transferable technologies to make our graduates favourably competitive in a global economy.

In accordance with the philosophy conceived by the founding fathers, BUST is not just another university added to the long list of universities in Cameroon. Rather, it aims at addressing the un-addressed issues in Cameroon education, consolidating the historic cultural diversity, unleashing the rich natural and human resources with which this region and indeed Cameroon in general and Africa as a whole is endowed with and galvanizing them towards raising productivity and decreasing un-employment and poverty in a bid to raise the standard of living of the masses.

Courses Offered
Undergraduate Programs

  • B.Sc. Agricultural-economics and Rural Sociology
  • B.Sc. Agronomy and Soil Science
  • B.Sc. Animal Science
  • B.Sc. Environmental Studies & Water Res. Management
  • B.Sc. Human Nutrition and Catering , B.Sc. Home Economics
  • B.Sc. Community Dev. And Management of Cooperatives
  • B.Ed. Human Development, Guidance and Counselling
  • B.Ed./B.Sc./B.A Teacher Education (Science or Arts subject options)
  • B.Ed. Community and Adult Education
  • B.A. in Philosophy, B.A. Mathematics, B.Ed. Home Economics
  • Higher National Diploma (HND) in Adult Education and Community Development
  • B.Sc. Laboratory Sciences
  • B.Sc. Nursing
  • B.Sc. Economics
  • LLB

Graduate Programs

  • Master Degree
  • Doctorate Degrees


  • Faculty of Education
  • Faculty of Agric. & Rural Development
  • Faculty of Economics/Law & Management


  • Institute of Health Science

Contact Details
Bamenda University of Science & Technology
BUST, Mile 6 Nkwen
P.O. Box 277 Nkwen – Bamenda
North West Region
Republic of Cameroon
Tel: +237 79811408
7726 1789
Official Website:

BUST mile 6 Nkwen Bamenda,University Of Bamenda Faculty Of Health Science
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