CBSE Class XII Report Writing Questions

Posted on Wednesday, September 30, 2009
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4.1. You are Saket/Sanya. you have received training in first aid, as a member of the Red Cross Society, arranged by your school. Prepare your report for the school magazine about your training in 80-100 words.

4.2. Orissa government is about to lauch an eyes testing drive for school children in Bhubneshwar. Jigar Dalsania interviews Sharmila Mitra, the chief coordinator of the program and takes down some notes. On the basis of the notes write Jigar’s report in 80-100 words.

Cataract, refractory errors – commonest cause of blindness – lakhs of people lose vision – fully preventable, children – most vulnerable – early detection – very important; 1200 schools to be covered – one teacher from each school – trained to conduct a simple vision test.

4.3 A newspaper reporter has been sent to report on a road accident. Below you can see one page of his notes. Use the information to complete the report he wrote for his newspaper in 80-100 words. Do not add any new information.

6.35 p.m.                         14/10
Kurukshetra – 30 kms from Panipat
Crash – truck in ditch

Local bus – high speed – middle of road
Truck braked to avoid collision – swerved
Hit tree and overturned

Truck driver drunk (Mahinder Singh, 40 yrs
Killed instantly
3 injured – taken to hospital

4.4 You have witnessed a clash between a group of college students and a state Transport bus crew which finally ended in the students stoning the buses and bus crew calling for a flash strike. You are Santosh/Seema, a reporter for ‘The Hindustan Times’. Write a report in 80-100 words about the incident.

4.5 You are Shivangi/Shubham. The World Trade Fair that lasted for a month was the hot topic of all lovers. Write a report on the event for publication in a local newspaper in not more than 100 words.

4.6 You are Neeraj/Nandita working for ‘India Today’. Last week you attended a seminar on ‘pleasures of Eye-Donation’, organized by the young Buzz of your school. Write a report on this seminar in not more than 100 words for publication in ‘India Today.’ [AI 1999]

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