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Posted on Wednesday, January 23, 2013
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Approved by the China Ministry of Education in 2003, Chifeng University was founded as a public, full time and comprehensive undergraduate university by the combination of the Chifeng Normal College of Nationalities and other four academies. Chifeng University is located in Chifeng City, the birthplace of the world-famous Hong Shan Cultures. The city boasts profound cultures with time honored history, distinctive scenic spots and rich literal human resources, which is the famous tourism city of China.

Chifeng University occupies a total area of 720 mu or 48 hectares and will be enlarged to 1800 mu or 120 hectares with 211 thousands square meters building area. The total value of the capital asserts is 399 million Yuan. In the University, many modern teaching and research facilities have been set up, such as the laboratories of various specialties, the professional practice training rooms, the computer center, the digital campus network, the gymnasium and the multimedia classrooms. The library of the Chifeng University has a collection of 841 thousands books, 179 thousands e-books and 7 comprehensive full-text databases.

Chifeng University has strong faculty with 937 full-time teachers, including 119 professors and 477 associate professors. Among them, 502 teachers have doctor or master degrees. There are 9511 full time undergraduate students and academic students and correspondence students in adult education.

Chifeng University has established a comprehensive discipline system with 24 colleges or departments such as the College of Mongolia Literature and History, Liberal Arts, Foreign Language Studies, Music, Fine Arts, Political Science and Law, History and Culture, Economics and Management, Education Science, Physical Education, Mathematics and Statistics, Natural Resource and Environment al science, Physics and Electronic Information Engineering, Life Science, Construction and Mechanical Engineering, Primary Education, Medicine, Adult Education, Distance Education , Continuing Education and Teachers Training Education and Scholl of Marxism and Foreign Languages Teaching for College Students. Its specialties covers 9 disciplines including literature, history, laws, education, science, engineering, medicine, management and liberal arts. It can offer 42 undergraduate programs and 60 majors for advanced vocational and academic education. Some programs can be conducted in Mongolia and Chinese Medium. Meanwhile it has offered the master degree in graduate education for the major of Heritage and museum professional. Furthermore, the university has three affiliated units, namely, a subordinate high school and two affiliated hospitals.

Courses offered
Undergraduate Programs
Graduate Education

  • MBBS
  • B.D.S

Chifeng University

Colleges & Schools

  • Medical College (M.B.B.S/B.D.S)
  • College of Liberal Arts
  • College of Foreign Languages
  • School of Education Science
  • School of Mathematics and Statistics
  • School of Life Sciences
  • College of Architecture and Mechanical Engineering
  • College of Adult Education


  • Mongolian Literature and History Institute
  • Politics and Law Institute
  • Institute of Physical Education


  • Department of Social Sciences

Chifeng University

Contact Details
Chifeng University
Inner Mongolia Autonomous,People Republic of China
Postcode: 024000
Tel: 0086-476- 2205852
Fax: 0086-476-2205852
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