Definition of Human Resource Planning

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Posted on Thursday, August 6, 2009
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Human resource planning is concerned with the flow of people into, through and out of the organization. HR planning involves anticipating the need for labor and the supply of labor and then planning the programmes necessary to ensure that the organization will have the right mix of employees and skills when and where they are needed. Forecasting the future can be very inexact science, so human resource planning may also include multiple scenerios and contingency plans.

Some Other Definitions:
HRP has been defined by Geisler (1967),

  • As a process of forecasting, developing and controlling human resources in an enterprise. This process helps the enterprise to ensure that it has right number of people and the right kind of people at the right place at the right time performing tasks for which they are most effective.
  • Similarly Wilkstorm (1971) defines it” “As a process involving; forecasting of future requirements, inventorying the present resources and assessing the extent to which these resources are optimally utilized and also planning of necessary HR programmes.
  • Vetter defines it as “ the process by which management determines how the organization should move from its current manpower position to its desired manpower position.
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