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Posted on Thursday, June 23, 2011
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The history of  Dilla University can be traced back to the year 1996 with its  name, Dilla  college. The then Dilla  college constituted two faculties: Faculty of teacher Education and Faculty of Health Sciences. However, in 2001, the College was  included in the then newly emerging university- Debub university.  In 2004 Dilla College once again went through another phase and sprung in to a full-fleged university by the councils of ministers regulation No 129/04.   When Dilla University begun its activity as a college it had 12 departments with a total student population of less than 400, in a campus that was originally constructed for another purpose. Now the university is operating in 3 campuses with 13 schools and 34 programs with a student poupulation of more than 15000 in regular and continuing Education.

Dilla University to date has nearly 600 motivated young acadamic staff and more than 1100  administrative staff who are working vigoriously to materialize its mission and reach the horizon of excellence in the world of academics. The University has strong innovative learning methods and didactics, as it is used to be a Teacher’s University.

Dilla University

Prepare knowledgeable ,skilled and attitudinally mature graduates.  Promote and enhance research focusing on knowledge and technology transfer with the country’s priority needs.  Design and provide community and consultancy service that shall cater to the development need of the country.

Dilla University’s library and information service has five libraries under it which are: The main library, Freshman library, Girls library, Summera library and Language library. The library provides twenty four hours service each day.

Courses Offered
Undergraduate Programs

  • Agricultural Economics
  • Psychiatry Nursing

Graduate Programs

  • MSc in Biology (Specialization: Botanical Sciences).
  • MSc in Chemistry (Specialization: Analytical Chemistry).
  • MSc in Geography and Enviromental studies ( Specialization: Sustainable Natural Resource Management).
  • MSc in Physics (Specialization: Theoretical and Expermental Physics).
  • MA in Educational Leadership and Management.
  • Graduate Programs to be Launched
  • MBA in Business Management
  • MA in Accounting and Finance


  • Faculty of Business and Econmics (FBE)
  • Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities  ( FSSH )
  • Faculty of Natural and Computational Sciences  (FNCS )
  • Faculty of veterinary Medicen (FVM)
  • Faculty Of Agriculture ( FA )


  • School of Mathematical and Computer science
  • School of Life science
  • School of Language and Journalism
  • School of Humanity and social science
  • School of Business and Economics
  • School of health science
  • School of Agriculture
  • Institute of Indigenous Studies

Contact Details
Dilla University
P.o.Box: 419, Dilla,
Tel: +2510468310243
Fax :+2514633312568
Dilla University Official Website: http://www.dillauniversity.edu.et/

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