Functions of Personnel Management

Posted on Friday, August 7, 2009
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Personnel Management is concerned with 2 sets of functions:

  • Managerial Functions: Planning, Organizing, Directing and Controlling
  • Operative Functions: Related to specific activities like employment, development (HRD), compensation and relations


  • Managerial Functions

1. Planning: Determining the future course of action to achieve the desired results. It is a preventive measure for future crisis. A Personnel Manager determines the personnel programme regarding Recruitment, Selection and Training of Personnel’s of the organization.

2. Organizing: It is concerned with proper grouping of the personnel activities and assigning different groups of activities to different individuals along with delegation of Authority. Creation of a proper Structural framework.

3. Directing: Supervising and Guiding the personnel to execute Plans.
“No Direction-No Destination0″. Direction is more important than Design. Direction most importantly consists of Motivation and Leadership.

4. Controlling: Measuring the employee’s Performance, Correcting Negative Deviations & assuring accomplishment of Plans efficiently.

Controlling = Detection of Deviations + Correction of Deviations

  • Operative Functions:

1. Employment:
Employment is concerned with procuring and employing people possessing necessary skills, knowledge, aptitude, etc to achieve organisational objectives. It covers functions like Job analysis, Manpower Planning, Recruitment, Selection, Placement, Induction and Internal Mobility.
Employment includes:
– Job Analysis
– Human Resources Planning
– Recruitment
– Selection
– Placement
– Induction and Orientation

2. Human Resource Development: The process of improving, moulding, changing and developing skills, knowledge, creative ability, aptitude, values, commitment etc. based on job and organisational requirements.
HRD includes:
– Performance Appraisal
– Training
– Management Development
– Career Planning and Development
– Organization Development

3. Compensation: Compensation is the process of providing equitable and fair remuneration to the employees. It includes job evaluation, wage and salary administration, incentives, bonus, fringe benefits, social security measures etc.
Job Evaluation
– Wage and Salary administration
– Incentives
– Bonus
– Fringe Benefits
– Social security measures

– Pay, income, earnings, money, remuneration (monthly basis)
Wage– take-home pay, net pay (ourly/daily/weekly basis)

4. Human Relations: It is the process of interaction among human beings.
It is an area of Management practice in integrating people at work in a way that motivates them to work together productively, cooperatively and with economic, social and psychological satisfaction.

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