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Posted on Sunday, January 1, 2012
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The Hochschule für Technik Stuttgart, Stuttgart is a German University of Applied Sciences with 3000 students.

The College of Engineering in Stuttgart in 1832 as a winter school for construction workers ( building trades founded). Today it offers 14 bachelor – and 13 master ‘s programs at. The campus of the university is located in the city of Stuttgart.

The Hochschule für Technik Stuttgart interdisciplinary research mainly in the priority area of ​​research buildings. The Institute for Applied Research (IAF), the research activities are concentrated, where the IAF is divided into four centers: Center for Geodesy and applied computer science, Centre for Sustainable Urban Development, Center for Applied Research in Higher Education – Sustainable Energy Technology (zafh.net), Centre for integral architecture. In the field of architectural acoustics, thermal insulation, thermal physics and the use of solar energy is one of the Institute for Applied Research on the most prestigious German institutions. This is where a large part of EU-funded research projects in international cooperation.

Courses Offered
Undergraduate Programs
Graduate Programs

  • Architecture ( Bachelor and Master )
  • Interior Architecture (Bachelor)
  • Climate Engineering (Bachelor)
  • International Project Management (Master)
  • International Master of Interior Architectural Design (Master)
  • City planning (master)
  • Civil Engineering (Bachelor)
  • Physics (Bachelor)
  • Business Administration (Bachelor)
  • Industrial Engineering (Bachelor)
  • Economic Psychology (BA)
  • General Management (Master)
  • Geotechnical / Tunnel (Master)
  • Infrastructure Management (Bachelor)
  • Structural Engineering (Master)
  • Sustainable Energy Competence (Master)
  • Environmental Protection (Master)
  • Computer science (Bachelor)
  • Information Logistics (Bachelor)
  • Mathematics (Bachelor and Master)
  • Photogrammetry and Geoinformatics (Master, in English)
  • Software Technology (Master’s in English)
  • Surveying and Geoinformatics (Bachelor)
  • Surveying (Master)
  • Business computer science (Bachelor)


  • Faculty of Architecture and Design
  • Faculty of Civil Engineering, Building Physics and Economics
  • Faculty surveying, computer science and mathematics

Contact Details
Hochschule für Technik Stuttgart
Schellingstr. 24
70174 Baden-Württemberg
Tel: +49 (711) 89260
Fax: +49 (711) 8926 2666
Hochschule für Technik Stuttgart Official Website: http://www.hft-stuttgart.de/

hochshule tehcnik stttgart
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