Ignou Master in Intellectual Property Law (MIPL)

Posted on Friday, September 24, 2010
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The Master’s in Intellectual Property law from  IGNOU-School of Law, developed in partnership with the Queensland University of Technology, Australia provides in-depth training in intellectual property law.


* MLEI-1: Legal Education and Proficiency-I
* MLEI-2: Skills, Personal Effectiveness and Enterprises Development-I
* MLEI_3: Professional English Proficiency-I
* MLEI-4: Virtual Intelligence Methods-I
* MLEI-5: Legal Education and Proficiency-2
* MLEI-6: Skills, Personal Effectiveness and Enterprises Development-2
* MLEI-7: Professional English Proficiency-2
* MLEI-8: Virtual Intelligence Methods-2


All graduates are eligible for admission

Admission Fee

Rs. 7400

Min.age as on 1st Jan. of the Academic Year

No bar


The programme can be completed in a minimum period of 1 year and a maximum period of 3 years.

Medium of Instruction

This program is offerred in English medium.

IGNOU Helpline for General Enquiry

29535924-32, 29535062-65, 29534976, 29533647, 29535927, 29534397, 29536609, 29536667, 29536975, 29532964, 29534326, 29533767, 29533790,29536980(EPABX)

General Information on Academic Programmes

PH: 29532321; Fax: 29536588