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Posted on Friday, April 26, 2013
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Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB) or Bandung Insitute of Technology or Institute of technology Bandung, was founded on March 2, 1959. The present ITB main campus is the site of earlier engineering schools in Indonesia. Although these institutions of higher learning had their own individual characteristics and missions, they left influence on developments leading to the establishment of ITB.

In 1920, Institut Teknologi Bandung (TH) was established in Bandung, which for a short time, in the middle forties, became Kogyo Daigaku. Not long after the birth of the Republic of Indonesia in 1945, the campus housed the Technical Faculty (including a Fine Arts Department) of Universitas Indonesia, with the head office in Jakarta. In the early fifties, a. Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, also part of Universitas Indonesia, was established on the campus. In 1959, the present lnstitut Teknologi Bandung was founded by the Indonesian government as an institution of higher learning of science, technology, and fine arts, with a mission of education, research, and service to the community.

Bandung, with a population of approximately one and a half million, lies in the mountainous area of West Java, at an altitude of 770 meters. The Institut Teknologi Bandung main campus, to the north of the town centre, and its other campuses, cover a total area of 770,000 square meters.

Being an excellent university, dignified, independent, and is recognized worldwide as well as guide the changes that can improve the welfare of the Indonesian nation and the world.

Creating, sharing and applying science, technology, arts and humanities as well as producing superior human resources and to make Indonesia a better world.

Courses Offered

  • Undergraduate Programs
  • Graduate Programs

Institut Teknologi Bandung


  • School of Architecture, Planning, and Policy Development
  • School of Life Sciences and Technology
  • School of Pharmacy
  • School of Business and Management
  • School of Electrical Engineering and Informatics
  • Graduate


  • Faculty of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
  • Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences
  • Faculty of Earth Sciences and Technology
  • Faculty of Mining and Petroleum Engineering
  • Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • Faculty of Art and Design
  • Faculty of Industrial Technology

Institut Teknologi Bandung

Contact Details
Institut Teknologi Bandung
Jalan Ganesha 10
40116 West Java
Telephone: +62 (22) 423 1792
Fax: +62 (22) 423 1792
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