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Posted on Tuesday, July 5, 2011
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Maseno University currently has three Campuses and a University College. Siriba Campus and College Campus, are both in Maseno township 25 km from Kisumu on the Busia road. The core activities and central administration of the University takes place on these two Campuses. The third, which is Kisumu City Campus College is located at the Varsity Plaza houses the Maseno Information Technology Centre ( MITC) which offers a wide variety of information Technology ( IT) and Computer courses.

Maseno University

Maseno University has expanded in academic excellence and applied research, by providing the public with an opportunity to acquire higher education. Maseno University’s history begun with the merging of Maseno Government Training Institute (GTI) with Siriba Teacher’s Training College to form Maseno University College as a Constituent College of Moi University.

Maseno University

To be a Centre of Excellence in training, research and development

To foster and develop academic excellence in basic and applied research at all levels of study by training practice oriented manpower who can contribute effectively to social, intellectual and academic development in the community, the nation and the community of nations

Courses Offered
Undergraduate Programs

  • B.Sc in Computer Science & Technology
  • B.Sc Botany
  • B.Sc in Horticulture (With IT)
  • Bachelor of Chemistry
  • BSc. Ecotourism, Hotel and Institution Management
  • BSC. in Applied Statistics (With IT)
  • BSc. Mathematics
  • B.Sc in Actuarial Science (With IT)
  • B.Sc in Physics
  • B.Sc Molecular Biology & Biotechnology
  • B.Ed Arts with IT
  • B.Ed Science with IT
  • B.Ed Special needs with IT
  • BA in Communication & Media Technology
  • Bachelor of Arts (French) With IT
  • Bachelor of Arts (Linguistic) With IT
  • Bsc. in Social Anthropology
  • BA in Sociology and Anthropology With IT
  • Bachelor of Arts (Business Studies) With IT
  • Bachelor of Arts (Economics) With IT
  • Bachelor of Business Administration With IT
  • BA in Religion With IT
  • B.E.D in Religion with IT
  • B.A in Philosophy
  • B.A. Political Science (With IT)
  • B.A. Development Studies (with IT)
  • B.A International Relations and Diplomacy (With IT)
  • B.A Geography with IT
  • B.A Urban and regional Planning with IT
  • Bachelor of Science in Earth Science with IT
  • Bachelor of Environmental Science with IT
  • Biomedical Science and Technology
  • Preventive Medicine
  • AIDS Co-ordinating Unit

Graduate Programs

  • Postgraduate Diploma in Computer Science
  • MSc Botany
  • MSc. in Horticulture
  • Msc in Chemistry
  • MSc (Hospitality Management)
  • Msc in Pure Mathematics
  • Msc in Applied Mathematics
  • Msc in Applied Statistics
  • MSc in Physics
  • M.Sc in Cell & Molecular Biology
  • M.Sc in Aquatic Sciences
  • MSc in Parasitology & Vector Biology
  • M.Ed in Curriculum Studies
  • M.Ed in Educational Technology
  • M.Ed in Pedagogy
  • M.Ed (Guidance & Counseling
  • Masters of Education in Educational Administration
  • Masters of Education in Planning and Economics of Education
  • Master of Arts in English
  • Master of Arts (Linguistics)
  • Master of Arts (French)
  • Master of Arts (Kiswahili)
  • Master of Arts in Music
  • MA (Ethnomusicology)
  • MA (Music Education)
  • Master of Arts in Textile with a Specialization in Textiles & Apparel Design
  • Master of Arts in History
  • Master of Arts in Women in History
  • Masters in Social Development and Management
  • Master of Business Administration
  • Masters in Economics
  • M.A in Religion
  • M.A in Philosophy
  • MA In International Relations
  • M.A in Political Science
  • M.A in Geography
  • M.A in Project Planning and Management
  • MSc. in Urban Environmental Management
  • MSc. in Environmental Science


  • Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
  • Faculty of Education
  • Faculty of Science


  • Institute of Research and Postgraduate studies


  • School of Public Health and Community Development
  • School of Environment and Earth Sciences
  • School of Development and Strategic Studies
  • School of Graduate Studies

Maseno University Contact Details
Contact Details
Maseno University
Private Bag Kisumu, Busia Road
Tel: +254 (3) 55 10 08
Fax: +254 (3) 55 12 21
Maseno University Official Website:

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