Objectives of Human Resource Planning

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Posted on Thursday, August 6, 2009
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  • Obtain and retains the quantity of HR it needs at the right time and place and
  • Makes optimum utilization of these resources
  • HRP capitalize on the strengths of their human resource
  • Determines recruitment level
  • Anticipates redundancies in time and thus helps to smoothen out with minimum pain and lay-offs etc.
  • Determines optimum training levels required
  • Serves as a basis of management development programmes
  • Cost manpower for new projects, tenders etc.
  • Assesses future requirements well in time.
  • Study the cost of overheads and value of service functions
  • Assists productivity bargaining
  • Decide whether certain activities need to be outsourced or sub-contracted.
  • Forecast personnel requirements- skill wise, dept wise
  • Cope with changes
  • Use existing manpower productively promote employees in a systematic manner
  • Make career plans and succession plans
  • Assist organization in union negotiations, wage revision
  • Help departmental managers make manpower budgets and control costs.
  • Proper Expatriate management
  • No less important objective of HRP is to bring about an intelligible and realistic understanding in the minds of management that the organization adapts to technological, social, political, economical and environmental changes more rapidly and effectively according to the needs of the times and situations
  • Further to individuals, it affords opportunities for growth and development of his skills, talents, personal capacities as a human being are utilized fully both to the advantage of organisation and himself.
  • HRP helps management to manage transfers, postings, and succession policies.
  • Finally it helps industry and national HRD management effectively by supplying them required information and data.
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