Universitas Abulyatama

Posted on Friday, July 19, 2013
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Universitas Abulyatama is a private university located in Aceh Besar , Indonesia ,

At first, Universitas Abulyatama is in the form of high school , which was founded and is managed by the Foundation Abulyatama Banda Aceh. The Foundation also manages the boarding school , kindergarten, elementary school , junior high school , high school , STMIK School of Information Management and Computer , AKPER Academy of Nursing and the University are all named Abulyatama.

Universitas Abulyatama faculty from various universities, among other scholars of ubuntu , ITB , UGM , UI , Jakarta Teachers’ Training College, UPI , Unsyiah.

Universitas Abulyatama

Founder of Universitas Abulyatama primary mission is to help orphans and poor people, as the name suggests, the Arab Abulyatama means “father of the fatherless”.

Courses Offered
Undergraduate Programs

  • Bachelor of Engineering
  • B.A Psychology

Postgraduate Programs

Universitas Abulyatama

Contact Details
Universitas Abulyatama
Jalan Blang Bintang Lama Km 8,5
Aceh Besar
23372 Aceh
Telephone: +62 (651) 23 699
Fax: +62 (651) 21 255
Universitas Abulyatama Official Website: http://abulyatama.ac.id/