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Posted on Saturday, July 13, 2013
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Universitas Madura foundation was founded by University of Madura (YUM) is one of the private universities in Pamekasan which was established on May 2, 1978. Universitas Madura currently has 6 faculties with 10 courses that occupy the campus on Highway Panglegur KM. 3.5 Pamekasan. University of activities outlined in the Tri Dharma Madura College which includes Education and Teaching, Research, and Community Service.

Universitas Madura organization composed of the elements of leadership, executive element, and the element of completeness university. Elements of leadership is the Rector of the University of Madura and 3 (three) Pembantnu Rector. The third is the Vice Rector for Academic Affairs Vice Rector (Vice Rector), Vice Rector for Administration and Finance (Vice Rector II), and the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs and Alumni (Vice Rector III). The conduct element consists of elements which is composed of academic faculties and courses-courses, technical elements and implementing administrative executive element. Element completeness of the university is the University Senate.

Universitas Madura

Management of education and teaching process includes a variety of activities ranging from educational program planning, preparation of incoming students in the education program, pelaksanaa education and teaching, monitoring and evaluation of teaching and learning processes as well as data processing. Implementation of these activities involve various elements in the system unit and university organizations and the entire academic community.

Courses Offered
Graduate Programs

  • MBA Degree Programs


  • Faculty of Economy
  • Faculty of Administrative Sciences
  • Faculty of Agriculture
  • Faculty of Law
  • Faculty of Engineering
  • Faculty of teaching & ilm.Pend

Universitas Madura

Contact Details
Universitas Madura
Jalan Pamong Praja No 1
69300 East Java
Phone: +62 (324) 322 231
Fax: +62 (324) 327 418
Universitas Madura Official Website: http://unira.ac.id/