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Posted on Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Universitas Pakuan (Unpak) is a continuation of the University of Bogor (Unbo) is acting for almost two decades until 1980. Some private universities in 1977 to fuse with the university’s Academy of Tourism, PGRI Teachers’ Training College, Foreign Language Academy, International Academy of Management and the Secretary of the Academy of Islamic Studies in Higher Education Foundation organizing body Bogor (YPTB).

Dated 1 November 1980, Universitas Pakuan officially changed its name to the University under the Yayasan Kartika Pakuan Siliwangi University Trustees Pakuan (YKS-PUP), a new foundation established by the Foundation in lieu of Kartika Siliwangi YPTB as expressed in the Decree No.. Skep/27/YKS/VIII-A/10/1980. The name change was approved by a notary Mohamad Adam, SH

Universitas Pakuan 1980 has 4 (four) faculties, namely: Faculty of Law, Faculty of Economics, Faculty of Teacher Training and Education, and the Faculty of Letters. One year later opened the Faculty of Engineering and the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences and Engineering Program 1 Diploma Land Surveying and Mapping; at that time there were 14 (fourteen) majors. In accordance with the Decree of the Minister of Education and Culture of Republic of. 00330/0/1984, the number of majors in Unpak environment changes, and to 21 (twenty one) majors in 1997.

Based on the decision of the Governing Body meeting YKS-PUP dated October 23, 2002 which was inaugurated by Mrs. Deed. Supiah Nurbaiti, SH. 6 dated 2 November 2002, YKS-PUP renamed Pakuan Siliwangi Foundation (YPS). The new foundation has gone from organizational relationship with Kartika Siliwangi Foundation in Bandung.

Universitas Pakuan

Courses Offered
Undergraduate Programs
Graduate Programs

  • Legal Studies Program (Regular & Extensions)
  • Program Management Studies (Regular & Extensions)
  • Program of Accounting Studies (Regular & Extensions)
  • English Language Study Program
  • Program Study Indonesian Language and Literature Education
  • Biology Education Program
  • School Teacher Education Program (PGSD)
  • Program English Language and Literature Studies (Regular and Extension)
  • Study of Language and Literature Program Indonesia (Regular and Extension)
  • Program Language and Literature Japanese Studies (Regular and Extension)
  • Communication Science Program (Regular and Extension)
  • Geodetic Engineering Program
  • Program Planning and Regional Studies
  • Civil Engineering Program
  • Electrical Engineering Program
  • Geological Engineering Program
  • Studies of Biology (Regular and Extension)
  • Chemical Studies Program (Regular and Extension)
  • Mathematical Studies Program
  • Computer Science Program (Regular and Extension)
  • Pharmacy Program



  • Faculty of Law
  • Faculty of Economics
  • Faculty of Teacher Training & Education
  • Faculty of Arts
  • Faculty of Engineering
  • Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences

Universitas Pakuan

Contact Details
Universitas Pakuan
Jl. Pakuan 16143 PO Box 452 Bogor West Java Indonesia
Phone: 0251-8312206, 0251-8380137
Universitas Pakuan Official Website: http://www.unpak.ac.id/

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