Universitas Widya Mataram

Posted on Monday, July 15, 2013
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Universitas Widya Mataram (hereinafter abbreviated UWMY) is one of the private universities in the city of Yogyakarta . university was founded in 1982 by the Sultan IX and KGPH Mangkubumi by the Notary No.. 153 dated 28 May 1982 . Universitas Widya Mataram managed by the Foundation Mataram Yogyakarta . Currently, Rector Universitas Widya Mataram chaired by prof. DR. Ir. Suminto, M.Sc. Table of contents Founded in 1982 by lane IX with KGPH Mangkubumi manifests the efforts of empowering life:

By providing equal opportunities for all the children of the nation to get a potency of teaching and education. Education is the right of every citizen in which the state is obliged to provide it. On an equal footing, we have the same responsibility to improve the human resource potential of Indonesia. With educational opportunities we are creating for future depan.Semoga hack together, this could be a platform for academics (faculty, staff, students, alumni) in particular, and society in general and the Indonesian people to share and extend a hand in a rhythm: to Indonesia.

Universitas Widya Mataram

Courses Offered

  • Food Technology Studies Program
  • Architectural Studies Program
  • Industrial Engineering Program
  • Legal Studies Program
  • State Administration of Science Program
  • Sociology Program
  • Accounting Study Program
  • Program Management Studies


  • Faculty of Agricultural Engineering (FTP)
  • Faculty of Engineering (FT)
  • Faculty of Law (FH)
  • Faculty of Social and Political Sciences (FISIPOL)
  • Faculty of Economics (FE)

Universitas Widya Mataram


  • Laboratory
  • Study Center
  • Consultancy Bureau and Legal Aid
  • Student Activity Unit

Contact Details
Universitas Widya Mataram
Ndalem Mangkubumen KT III/237
55132 Special Region of Yogyakarta
Phone: +62 (274) 374 352
Fax: +62 (274) 381 722
Universitas Widya Mataram Official Website: http://www.widyamataram.ac.id/