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Posted on Friday, May 25, 2012
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Universitatea Titu Maiorescu has released (6/9/2011) results of the classification of universities in Romania. Evaluation of higher education institutions was conducted by EUA (European University Association), for the high prestige of European Union policy reform in higher education. Classification, made ​​the basis of rigorous and demanding, Universitatea Titu Maiorescu located in the category universities focused on education, which featured a number of state universities and all private colleges in the country. In this category, Universitatea Titu Maiorescu took first place in the hierarchy of private universities in Romania.

Universitatea Titu Maiorescu ranking first among private universities in Romania is a recognition of the quality of academic education conducted in our university and its value, recognizing the more important as wearing the most respected and demanding endorsement body of European policies in higher education – EUA.

Universitatea Titu Maiorescu recognition as the best private university in Romania is the effect and confirmation constant efforts undertaken by the academic community at all levels, commitment to its solidarity, based on awareness, responsibility and dedication to building and development of elite universities, area of quality, performance and excellence, innovation and creativity in academic education and research.

Universitatea Titu Maiorescu

Universitatea Titu Maiorescu comprises the following faculties and fields of study: Law (Bucharest and Targu Jiu), Psychology, Social and Political Sciences (three specializations: International Relations and European Studies, Communication and Public Relations, Political Science), Economics (Bucharest and Miami), Computer Science, Medicine and Dentistry. Universitatea Titu Maiorescu develops bachelor, master and doctoral studies, the only private university in Romania has two doctoral schools (Law and Dentistry).

Courses Offered
Undergraduate Programs
Graduate Programs

  • MBA
  • MSc Petroleum Engineering
  • Business Programs


  • Faculty of Law
  • Faculty of Economic Studies
  • Faculty of Medicine
  • Faculty of Medicine
  • Faculty of Dentistry
  • Faculty of Informatics
  • Faculty of Social and Political Sciences

Universitatea Titu Maiorescu


  • Department of Teacher Training
  • Department of Psychology

Contact Details
Universitatea Titu Maiorescu
Calea Vacaresti 187
040051 Bucharest
Tel: +40 (21) 212 91 43
Fax: +40 (21) 311 22 97
Universitatea Titu MaiorescuOfficial Website: http://www.utm.ro/

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