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Posted on Tuesday, June 7, 2011
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In Algerian society in flux, the University of Algiers is the backbone of the country’s development. It trains officials, teachers, managers and researchers in all sectors. Its human and social vocation, it reflects the changing values ​​and aspirations of the country. It represents a major advantage of experience, expertise and research. Leading player in the socio-economic development, it is based on a major capital of competence and expertise in the field of education, training, and research.

The University of Algiers, in Algeria’s first university (university-mother), was founded in 1909, under the law of 30 December this year. This creation was the culmination of several stages of development punctuated by inter alia the Law of 20 December 1879 establishing four specialized schools: the School of Medicine and Pharmacy, School of Sciences, the School of Humanities and School of Law.

Courses Offered

  • Undergraduate Programs
  • Graduate Programs


  • Faculty of Law
  • Faculty of Economics and Management
  • Faculty of Medicine comprising three departments: medicine, pharmacy and dentistry
  • Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities
  • Faculty of Political Science and Communication
  • Faculty of Humanities and Languages
  • Faculty of Islamic Science


  • Institute of Hygiene and Medical Overseas
  • Institute of Advanced Islamic Studies
  • Institute of Biotechnical and Biometrics
  • Institute of Meteorology and Physics of Astronomical
  • Saharan Studies Institute
  • Urban Institute
  • Institute of Physical Education and Sports
  • Institute for Policy Studies
  • Institute for Nuclear Studies
  • Institute of Philosophical Studies
  • Institute of Ethnology
  • Institute for Business Preparation

Contact Details
Université d’Alger
2, Rue Didouche Mourad
16000 Algiers
Tel: +213 (21) 543227
Fax: +213 (21) 915427
Official Website: http://www.univ-alger.dz/