University of Kordofan

Posted on Monday, August 8, 2011
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The University of Kordofan (Arabic: جامعة كردفان ) (informally Kordofan University) is one of the largest universities in Sudan located in Al-Obied 560 Km to the southwest of Khartoum. University of Kordofan was founded in 1990. University of Kordofan is recognized as one of the top universities in Sudan.

University of Kordofan

It features several institutes, academic units and research centres including Gum Arabic Research Centre, Centre for Intermediate Technology in Agriculture and Deanship for Research and Postgraduate Training.

University of Kordofan

University of Kordfan Library has four branches that are divided on the campus according to the fields of interest and the studying specialty. The main library resides in the Central campus and it serves students from all other campuses as it has a wide variety of sources and textbooks. Attached to each library a computer lap that serves as an online source of knowledge.

Courses Offered

  • Undergraduate programs
  • Graduate Programs


  • Central campus
  • Medical campus
  • Taggat campus
  • Education campus


  • Faculty of Commercial Studies and Business Administration
  • Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences
  • Faculty of Education
  • Faculty of Engineering and Technical Studies
  • Faculty of Science and Humanities
  • Faculty of Natural Resources and Environmental Studies

Centers & Institutes

  • Deanship for Research and Postgraduate Training
  • Institute of Accounting, Banking and Information Systems
  • Centre for Intermediate Technology in Agriculture
  • Gum Arabic Research Centre

Contact Details
University of Kordofan
Shimal Kurdufan
Tel: +249 611-823-119
Fax: +249 611-823-108
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