Voice Modulation

Posted on Saturday, April 18, 2009
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Voice Modulation

Voice Modulation and pitch control are two parameters of immense importance to customer service. We may come across customers in different moods.

What is Voice Modulation?

Voice Modulation is using pace, pitch, pausing, volume, and emphasis, and gives your voice mood and meaning.

Elements of Voice Modulation and how to use them?

Pace/Speech speed: It must always be at a speed that the listener can understand. Hint: Match your pace with your listener’s.
Pitch/ Depth of voice: Keep it at a level that is comfortable for you and don’t strain your vocal cords.
PausesĀ  should be given at required intervals. It is given to let the listener absorb your information. It is given for emphasis and dramatic effect.
When you speak not from your mouth but from the abdomen. Have you ever wondered why Amitabh Bachchan is the voice of the nation. It is because of the power and intensity in his voice.

Apart from the 4 P’s:
Try and match your listener’s speech volume, unless they are shouting. Try dropping your volume so that they have to drop their volume to hear you.
The key words or syllables in order to provide contrast to your words bring out their desired meaning.
Inflection means ups and downs of words. In combination inflection links meaning and feeling with your words.

Note: Remember it is not what you are saying but how you are saying it affects the perfection of the listener.

Key point:
Listening to yourself helps improving your voice modulation and Mother Tongue Influence (MTI).

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